Jordan Stanford

Hey, I'm Jordan and in case you hadn't already realised, I'm a bit of a geek!

I love all things supernatural, superhuman and superhero. Growing up I used to fantasise about having all these amazing superpowers. I was 100% one of those kids who cried when their Hogwarts letter never arrived.


Now, as much as I'd still love the ability to teleport myself or read minds, I have accepted the sad truth that this will probably never happen (never say never, they can do a lot with technology these days!).

BUT there is absolutely nothing stopping me from becoming a badass superwoman who can climb, lift, kick, jump and punch like the best of 'em!

And that is exactly what I am doing! I am in training to be a real life superhero, and each day I get a little bit closer to living up to my childhood idols; Xena, Lara Croft, Selina Kyle, Katana, Buffy Summers, Elektra, Kim Possible... to name just a few.

On my quest towards becoming a real life superhero I have trained as many things. I have a BSc in Psychology, with my main area of study i mental health and counselling for depression & anxiety. Shortly after graduating I travelled to India where I completed intensive training in Goa to become an accredited yoga teacher.

And so my journey began... 

I returned home and began teaching full time, I was hooked. I had found my calling, I decided then I would become the trainer of heroes, whether they knew they were yet or not. I continued to teach yoga as I expanded my ​training, becoming a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer. Using this combined knowledge of the physical, mental and spiritual body, I am able to develop an optimal training program fit for Captain Steve Rogers himself. 

I'm calling all warrior priestess, earth goddess, ninja princesses. 

I invite you to fully geek out with me as we transform ourselves from the boring suppressed adults we've become into the true heroes we were meant to be! 

Be Your Own SuperHero

Registered exercise professional REPs level 3
Guild Accredited Training
Registered yoga teacher 200 hours Yoga Alliance
London, England

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