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Bruce Wayne, Natasha Romanoff, Oliver Queen, Barbara Gordon… All just ordinary people who transformed themselves into something more, something super!


Are you ready to become a #HIROINTRAINING?

In case you don't already know me, let me introduce myself... 


I'm Jordan and if you couldn't already tell, I'm a bit of a geek!

I love all things supernatural, superhuman and superhero. Growing up I used to fantasise about having all these amazing superpowers. I was 100% one of those kids who cried when their Hogwarts letter never arrived.


Now, as much as I'd still love the ability to teleport myself or read minds, I have accepted the sad truth that this will probably never happen (never say never, they can do a lot with technology these days!).

BUT there is absolutely nothing stopping me from becoming a badass superwoman who can climb, lift, kick, jump and punch like the best of 'em!

And that is exactly what I am doing! I am in training to be a real life superhero, and each day I get a little bit closer to living up to my childhood idols; Xena, Lara Croft, Selina Kyle, Katana, Buffy Summers, Elektra, Kim Possible... to name just a few.


Being a superhero is more than just being super strong. You need a well rounded set of skills and physical attributes.

Over my years of training clients I have developed a program that incorporates elements from various training styles to build a strong, functional, resilient body.

My mission is to help you become stronger, faster and more powerful than you ever thought you could be! My mission is to help you...


January 2020 I will be opening my virtual doors to a whole new intake of recruits, 

program consists of...

4 weeks initiation (free trial/foundations)

6 weeks (2 sessions each week repeat twice change every 2)

No gym needed. Mat, kettlebell, dumbbells, resistance bands

Fit for captain rogers himself


Further training 

6 week Gym program > barbells, pull up bar, rings, parrelletes 

There are a million different workout plans out there, but to what end? For washboard abs? Chiselled pecs? A bigger booty? So what! Aesthetics don’t motivate me, what motivates me is that feeling as my body grows stronger. The confidence that gives me is more than having a “perfect” body ever could. Aesthetics are just an added bonus.


I don’t train to look like a fitness model, I train to feel like a superhero. Everyday challenging myself to push harder, go longer and lift heavier. So that the day the Avengers come knocking I’m ready ;)


I know I’m not alone in this, and that is why I have brought my training online,  to share my program with more aspiring superheroes.


I'm calling all warrior priestess, earth goddess, ninja princesses. All my fellow Marvelites and Batmaniacs. I invite you all to fully geek out with me as we transform ourselves from the boring suppressed adults we've become into the true heroes we were meant to be! 


Join me to become a #HIROINTRAINING ​


  • 4 week foundation program, covering all the fundamentals & prepping the muscles and joints.

  • 6 week training program, broken down into 3 phases.

  • 6 real-time videos so we can train together.

  • Extensive breakdown of all the exercises plus regressions & progressions.

  • Access to the members area & facebook community.

  • Shopping list and some of my favourite recipes.

  • Goal setting and tracking tools.

  • My success checklist.

  • PLUS loads more to give you everything you need to become a #HIROINTRAINING. 

For much of our lives we try our best to fit in where society dictates, it squashes down our individuality.


But no more, when I stopped training just to “look good” and started to allow my true geeky self to lead the way I live, I really started to love my life and my training, with a passion I never had before.


Not only have I gained a huge amount of confidence but I have also never felt more physically capable to face the challenges life brings my way. 


I no longer care what I look like to others, what they think of the way I dress, the way I talk or the way I choose to see the world. I care about the way I feel, I care about the energy I bring to all of the things I do, I care about my relationship with myself, and I do what is best for me.

And that is what I want to make possible for you too! I can't wait to geek out together!


What if I can’t do some of the exercises?

I have included a 4 weeks of foundation training for all programs. You can continue to develop these foundations for as long as you need until you feel ready to progress. From there all of the exercises can be scaled to make them easier or harder. The exercises get progressively harder each phase of the program. If, when you move to phase 2, there are some exercises you can’t do yet, just go back to the previous exercises in weeks 1-2. 

What if i'm not a member of a gym?

Minimal equipment, maximum creativity. Access to a fully equipped gym is not always an option so I developed this program utilising mainly bodyweight exercises with a few pieces of functional equipment required, a heavy(ish) kettlebell, a set of dumbbells and a resistance band.

What if I am already a member of a gym?

If you are a member of a gym you can still use this guide exactly as it is. You will have access to a larger range of weights so feel free to go up in weight as you get stronger. I am in the process of filming a program specifically for the gym so keep your eyes peeled!

become a




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